Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Secret To A Great Lawn

     Have you ever wondered why some lawns in the same neighborhood look better than others? Obviously the lawn with the better care would in return look healthier, but that takes time. Waking up early morning and watering the same grass over and over to get the best looking lawn becomes tedious. Many people don't have the time nor patience to deal with the hassle of maintaining a clean lawn. This is why the best looking lawns have the best performing sprinkler systems.

    Not only do sprinkler systems maintain healthy and clean grass, they do it by watering the perfect amount. A good sprinkler system is going to water the perfect amount, however finding a good and reliable sprinkler system is tough. this is why we here at Five Star Drains recommend RainBird. We do our best to make our customers proud about their new systems. That is why we only install the best of the best and this brand is just that. 

     What truly separates the good from the bad lawns is the tools behind them that do the job. A worn-down old sprinkler system will produce a lack luster lawn that has more dead grass then clean, however an up to date and efficient system is going to produce a lawn that is extremely healthy. In truth the secret to a clean lawn is what is hidden. It's sprinkler system. 

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