Thursday, April 10, 2014

Colorado's Law Regarding The "Silent Killer"

      Carbon Monoxide is an extremely harmful gas. So much in fact that Colorado decided to pass a state law requiring many safety precautions to be used to keep the deadly gas under control. Furnaces and Water Heaters that are not installed in a tight secure location will have life costing consequences. Carbon Monoxide affects a person's bloodstream by reducing the amount of oxygen the person can carry through their bodies. This leads to blood not being able to reach the brain and heart resulting in death. Knowing this a homeowner can take the best course of action to live in a clean and safe environment. 

      Colorado in 2009 passed a law after the death of many family members to insure that CO2 levels are under control. House Bill 1091  requires that all homes have a CO2 alarm detector in households. This will allow people living in the home to know when levels are too high and could potentially be deadly. Furnaces and Water Heaters produce most of the Carbon Monoxide in a home and thus need to be properly installed in a safe and sealed location to insure homeowners are safe.

       This is why hiring a skilled and licensed plumber is extremely important. The best of the best is not only what customers deserve, but in a situation that could lead to health risks, a necessity. What separates the good from the great is the one who understands the danger and how to mediate the risks. Next time your looking for a plumber, choose the one who cares about YOU and not your wallet. 

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