Monday, March 10, 2014

Who To Trust: Water Heaters

      Installing a water heater is an unnecessarily difficult task. Finding a trustworthy company that lives up to their claims is rare and hard to find. To save your time we took this step and did it for you. 

      Bradford White is simply ahead of their competitors. They are one of the most advanced water heater manufactures and have been since 1881. Hate Cold Showers? Well lucky for you Bradford White Water Heaters have little need for water heater maintenance. 

      Five Star Drains and Plumbing uses this manufacture because we know their one of the best. They easily lead to happy customers. Which is ultimately Five Star's main goal as a company. 

     According to Clear Seas, Bradford White is the top of the list in 2013 study of contractors. Quality, American Made, Wholesale Only, American Owned, Reliability, Pricing, Availability, Great Warranty & Service, Excellent Technical Support, and Ease of Installation make them the people you could trust!

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