Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Who To Hire

  Want to hire a contractor but don't know who? A contractor is needed for plumbing , sewer, water heater, and sprinkler repairs. Any major or minor plumbing needs a contractor. To chose the best here are some crucial tips to help you find the best and most reliable contractor.

  1. Don't be afraid.
         The company needs YOU to be happy, not the other way around. Asking a contractor for business information is a simple way to get the information you need.

  2. Try for at least 3 estimates
         If the company doesn't know what the problem is,  it is your problem as a result. Make sure they know what they are doing before they actually do it.

  3. Get the Info
       To make sure a contractor is trustworthy they should be more than happy to show their general liability, insurance, and workers compensation report. They refuse? It's your money, you refuse them.

 4. Are they licensed?
      A licensed contractor is vital. You wouldn't want a driver to be driving without a license. Same concept with a contractor.

5. Verify
To truly make sure you are not trusting someone you shouldn't, verify the license.

  A customer using these steps can easily separate the trustworthy and dependable from the deviants and frauds. Just another way to insure you have the best service.

  • No person shall engage in or work at the business, trade, or calling of residential, journeyman, or master plumbing in this state until he has received a license from the division of registrations, upon written notice from the board or its authorized agent, or a temporary permit from the board or its authorized agent.
  • No person shall advertise in any manner or use the title or designation of master plumber, journeyman plumber, or residential plumber unless he is qualified and licensed under this article.
  • No person shall advertise in any manner that such person is a plumbing contractor or use the title or designation of plumbing contractor unless such person meets the definition of plumbing contractor set out in section 12-58-102 (7).

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